If you want to advertise or promote your company, website, product, services using email marketing you need to have list of email addresses to whom you could send mass emails. But most of the people don’t have that because they are in startup phase or maybe they never collected their customer’s data, so the only option that left is purchased lists. Means you need to buy the email addresses of your niche (B2C or B2B) from some authentic source.
Tips to buy email database.
• Don’t buy cheap lists with only email addresses with no other information's like first name, last name, city, state, country etc…
• Try to buy database with more information like full name, city, state, zip, country, phone, subscription IP and source website.
• Always check sample of 1000-10000 email addresses and try to send a test campaign to analyze how good quality data it is.
• Always buy latest updated email database.
• Don’t buy too much data only buy targeted email lists.
• B2B is always better than B2C.
• If you buying business email lists make sure it’s related to your niche.
• Don’t buy database from unknown person on upwork or fiverr.
• Make sure the email list seller has website and updating the database regularly.

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