Alamo Care is a new residence homecare with fulltime care giving for old age folks. We offer manor care, urgent care & nursing home.
New Alamo Residence offers the best-assisted living facilities and senior citizen housing in California, United States. New Alamo Residence was started with a vision to provide earnest care for the seniors living in our community and provide them with the best hospice nursing they need. Owner, caretakers, visiting artists, and everyone connected with Alamo Residence is dedicated to helping seniors live a high-quality life while taking care of their nutrition, medicines, attention, and activity. Whether they want to live with their beloved pet friend or listen to a piece of music that relishes their mind, the facility caters to their needs so they can live a happy and healthy life.
The relationship between music and the elderly can be beneficial both as a form of stress relief and to aid in cognitive abilities. It is wonderful to have live music back. Thank you Health Flex for providing this service. Your company has been a true guardian angel to our residents.

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